Matterport 3D Tour FAQ

Q: How long does a scan take?
A: Most 2000 sq foot homes can be done in 2-3 hours. Allow for additional time for larger homes.

Q: Is there any special prep involved?
A: Yes, since it’s a 360 view, it’s difficult to hide things out of frame so special care must be taken to have the house show ready.

Q:Which Matterport camera do you use?
A: We use the latest Matterport Pro 2.0

Q: Can you scan exteriors?
A: Matterport does not support 3d scanning of exteriors, however we are always willing to try (It works best if there is no direct sunlight) If you are purchasing a scan without our pro photos, we recommend adding a $50 exteriors only photo package (This allows us to add blue skies as well)

Q: Can you use Matterport frame grabs (or snapshots) as your interior listing photos?
A: Yes, however it results in lower quality images compared to our professional photos (click here for a sample comparison)