Plain English Legal Stuff

According to US copyright law, the photographer (Columbus Pics) retains full ownership rights to every photo we take. Technically speaking, when you pay our fee, you are licensing the right to use our photos of your property (This is just how the law is written.)

In practice, we are not that strict. We don’t make realtors sign contracts,  and if you want to give pictures to clients, stagers, builders, newspapers, that’s fine with us!  We’re all on the same team. We want to work for you not against you.

We will occasionally use photos taken at your shoot for promotional marketing. If a client of yours prefers privacy, let us know and we’ll take it down.

There are a few occasions when we will reuse or resell the photos we have taken at your photo shoot with other clients.

1) We keep a location library of community common areas (pools, club houses, and city streets) available for all our clients, thus some pictures we take while shooting your property may be added to this library

2) We will, on occasion, need summer exteriors of a house we are shooting in the winter, in which case we will use one we previously shot. (This might also be true for a summer view out a picture window or any other situation that is difficult/impossible to reproduce.)

3) Occasionally a new realtor requires photos of a house with furniture (or without) and we have them from a prior shoot and may resell the original photos.

If you become a regular client, you will almost surely benefit from these policies.